Transfer Learning - Evaluation


In addition to our role in developing transfer learning algorithms for the DARPA Transfer Learning program, our group will also be providing support in the evaluation of the algorithms produced by the technology development teams within this program. These evaluations will help the teams to better evaluate and hopefully improve their algorithms by providing them with useful data analysis software tools and external performance validation.

The slides below describe the data format required by our data analysis program. The final link provides access to the actual code that runs this data analysis. The code is written in LISP and documentation is included in the file.

Important: Please read the summary and assumptions regarding input data, given at the top of the analysis code.


  • Prof. Paul R. Cohen
  • Yu-Han Chang
  • Clayton T. Morrison


    This work was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract through the Transfer Learning program via contract N00173-05-1-G035.

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